Walk 2 COP26

Walk 2 COP26

Walk and event in Coventry


What is it?

500 miles from London to Glasgow in time for CoP 26

6 walkers, 26 days, 20 miles per day

500 climate conversations on the way

8 events bringing together citizens, government, businesses, students, civil society – everyone!

Why is it happening?

Climate Change needs to be acted on by us all, now, individually and together.

The science is indisputable, the impact of climate change is being experienced now, and levels of concern are high. BUT…. global emissions continue to rise. Urgent action is required.

We want to use the occasion of COP 26, in Glasgow in November, and the mechanism of a walk to engage individuals and groups on climate change. We will explore personal perspectives on:

The impact of climate change;

The urgency felt;

The sense of agency; and

The appetite for taking action.

We will be prepared to educate and inform across 4 key areas: climate change and CoP 26, national and local government, businesses, and civil society.

The stories we hear and record on the walk will be played back during the walk on social media, at the events we plan, and on completion in a research plan and short film.

When is it coming to Coventry?

3pm to 6pm on Tuesday 12th October

Severn Trent and BiTC will host the Walk2COP26 team together with representation from local government, business, civil society groups, and students to discuss: climate change and COP 26; local and national responses; and what we should do to accelerate action.

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