Bayven Studio

Environmentalists Visual Agency

Technocentre, Coventry University Technology Park, Puma Way, CV1 2TT

What do they do:

Bayven Studio is a visual agency based in Coventry that specialises in environmental campaigns. Through
their creative skills and design flair their passion is showcasing companies, news, and product innovations
that help combat climate change. They provide a variety of services; from copywriting to artistic and
graphical visual creation and video editing.

Founded on the belief that environmental work should be accessible, actionable and share a clear message
prioritising the natural environment, at Bayven they aim to create a world where everyone cares about our
planet’s wellness.

A recent campaign was a multi-platform release across YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, highlighting the
future of green transport in Coventry which is set to become the first all electric bus city in the United
Kingdom. This is just one of the news stories and innovations they wish to highlight in our online and printed
visual media content.

More information: