A chat with Gregg and Vyx

Hops d’Amour

Hi both, and thanks for sharing your experience with Covzero.org. So first of all, do you want to tell us a bit more about yourselves?

Hi, we are Gregg and Vyx, born and bred in Coventry. We are proud Coventrians.

We have two children and a yampy dog.

Gregg has a background in engineering and is quite artistic and is a whizz with technology.

Vyx has had a long career as a hairdresser and loves creating alternative styles and using daring colours, recently she has enjoyed being an Online Delivery Driver for Sainsburys.

Both of us are members of CAMRA. Gregg has volunteered at the Coventry Beer Festivals on the membership stand and has worked behind the bar.

We love music and enjoy going to gigs.

Our favourite type of holiday is packing up our tent and heading down to Cornwall. A favourite place to go is Kuggar on the Lizard, so we’re fairly close to Cadgwith Cove. We always make time to check out the local breweries too.

That’s great. And what is your business about?

Our business is called Hops d’Amour and we are a Micropub (not to be confused with a Micro Brewery), located at 67 Corporation Street. We will specialise in real ale and craft beer. We aim to offer low and non alcoholic beer and vegan and gluten free beer options so there is something for everyone.

There will be a small offering of spirits and mixers as well as soft drinks, tea, coffee and hot chocolate with a dairy free milk alternative.

Opening a Micropub in Coventry has been a dream of ours for years.

Bringing good ale, a great atmosphere and our community together in a cosy one room pub.

Our ethos is Share a Table, Share a Chat. We want to bring people together and bring back conversation.

If you’re on your own or part of a group, we want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable to have a natter together. But if you want to pop in and have a quiet drink, that’s fine too.

We’re here for everyone.

Is it just the two of you?

To start with, it will just be the two of us working in Hops d’Amour, eventually we will employ a couple of members of staff to join our team.

Where does the name Hops d’Amour came from?

It is a bit of a story.

One of our favourite bands is the fairly local Dogs D’Amour.

After thinking long and hard about what to call ourselves, Hops of Love felt right, but in the similar style of Dogs D’Amour.

We love beer, hops are great and we love what we do, et voila – Hops d’Amour was born!

The impact of Covid-19 must have tough for you – how has it changed your business plan?

When we started the Hops d’Amour journey back in December 2019, we planned to open early summer last year but because of the lockdowns and restrictions we have delayed opening. Now we have an end in sight and we are all ready to open.

The delayed opening has meant that we could do a few bits of decorating and smartening the place up.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

We are going to be customer focused so we will evolve with what the customers want, but we will stay true to our roots and keep on providing top quality beer and hospitality.

What do you think about the City of Culture 2021, are you excited about it?

The City of Culture is a great boost for Coventry and will bring lots of visitors into the City.

We are looking forward to welcoming people from far and wide and showcasing our wonderful City and all it has to offer.

What is your message to the people of Coventry for this 2021?

Get out there and support local, independent businesses, Coventry has some real gems and with Coventry being the City of Culture we are going to get put back on the map.

Sent to Coventry? Yes please!

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